A recent guest sent us the following reflection via Messenger. It is reproduced here with his permission:

“One of the most difficult lessons to learn in spiritual growth is to learn to let go of the need and fearful desire to hold on to and cling to life, to coerce and manipulate life. To learn to no longer force and fight life. To learn to let go of people whom the universe will naturally pull out of our life or orbit when we let go of clinging to them out of fear or dependence, so that God can bring new people and new experiences to us. To let go of trying to force our will and our way on others. To simply let it all be just as it is. If we learn to let go of the need for distracting drama and let God come close in the stillness, we begin to allow the Divine Law of true and sincere love to capture our soul and envelop our hearts. Sometimes when we first let go it can at first appear and feel as if all is collapsing around us, when actually it is God reordering our life for greater freedom, peace and our personal good. If we learn to endure the suffering and discomfort that transformation requires and allow life to unfold naturally, a foundation of deep and abiding peace surrounds us and makes its home with us. This requires faith, trust and a humble gentleness to no longer resist life. This is finally to come home to rest in and accept and live as the creature we are and not the Creator we wanted to be. We come to see and accept the truth that we belong to God and one another. That we are One.”

Fr. Desmond Rossi