On Saturday, May, 26, 2018, Brother Bede Healey, O.S.B., Cam., spoke to a group of Benedictines at Transfiguration Monastery in Windsor, NY. He said that faith and belief go beyond adhering to and accepting doctrine. He spoke about “a person’s capacity to believe,” and “believing in.” The way I understood the first term is: one’s willingness and openness to receive goodness; the second phrase, to me, signifies: living in a reality. Following this talk, I am inspired to write a statement of what this capacity and living means to me:

God, Father, the Almighty One, in your presence, I am believing, I am living in the truth that: you have created and are creating; you embrace and care for me and all people who you have wonderfully made; I am witness to your awesomely and lovingly creative power that fills heaven, earth, and all that is in them; I am on the side of creation as a steward of this earth’s life, beauty, and bounty; I am, by the tending of your hand, a seed planted in good soil, a branch on the Vine, bearing much fruit.

God, Jesus, The Anointed One, Only-Begotten of the Father, our supreme ruler, in your presence, I am believing, I am living in, the truth that: in you, all things are being made new; you call all people back to the realm of the Everlasting One, to our birthright as beloveds of the Beloved, as God’s creation, pure in being and in heart; you were born of a woman, Mary, and wearing our flesh, you lived a life common to all people, a life between joy and sorrow, hunger and feasting, pain, illness and healing, weakness and strength, rejection and acceptance, rebellion and authority, loneliness and friendship, anathema and heroism, dissension and leadership; life and death; damnation and resurrection, and so, you raised up humankind, men and women, out of their dust, and set them on your path of life and truth, to Love God for God’s self alone, and to love and serve God in loving and serving one another.

God, Holy Spirit, bond between Father and Son, source, substance, and giver of life, in your presence, I am believing, I am living in the truth that: you are the helper of the people God has made for God’s self; since the beginning of time, you are the breath giving strength to those who find a voice to proclaim good news; like the wind that moves and plants the seed and carries the rain cloud to the parched field, like the friction of wood against wood that causes fire, like the striking of flint against flint that sparks a lamp into a light, you are the love-force that draws all who are in Jesus together and makes them witnesses to what it means to live together as people of good will; even I am brought into this blessed company that stretches beyond national and cultural borders, beyond tradition and time; You open my heart and my arms so that no one journeys alone and that the circle of your fellowship grows increasingly wider and creates space for all people; when we create a chasm in your circle distancing ourselves from your love and/or the love of our neighbor, you reconcile our hearts and restore our peace. In our earthy death, the glory of your splendor is not lost, breath returns to air, flame returns to fire, soul returns to Spirit, voice—fulfilled, having accomplished its divine purpose— returns to the perfect stillness and silence of the Word that gives to and sustains all, and traveler returns to home; gently like a dove, swiftly like an eagle, you give us wings and in your strength, we shed what weighs us down and holds us back, we soar to dwell in perfect harmony with God, in space that is infinite, in time that is eternal. Amen

© 2018 Daniel E Crocker Jr