Prayer for Balance – Jennifer Lothrigel

Oh Bringer of butterflies and bumble bees—
 Creatrix of cockroaches and caribous,
 whisper the truth upon our bones,
 that we may never forget the place of all things
 within the grand Universe, including our own unique being
 and that of the person whom we dislike most.
Oh Composer of remarkable accomplishments,
 ladders to climb and couches to rest upon with our feet up,
 may we marvel equally upon contrasting moments as
 if each one is a divine love letter from God herself.
Oh Trickster, dear Spinster—
 please spare us your jokes when our egos lead us astray.
 For we are prone to loss of consciousness,
 particularly during hard times.
 May you ease our life lessons by settling us back gently
 into our heart of hearts.
 And may those steady heart beats be the chords of wisdom 
 that plug us back into our soul.
Oh You, whoever might lift just half the sorrows—
 leave us only the most important lessons
 you have in store for our human race.
 And if you must persist in teaching these lessons,
 give us each other in a more accessible way
 that we might set aside what we fear about one another
 and work together to transcend them.
Oh Great Creator of the original essence
 that permeates all living things,
 forgive us for creating things that pollute our Earth home.
Lastly, oh Earth Mother, may we not feel separate from You.
 Reweave our chords of light
 so that they descend to us directly from Your lineage
 so we may all see that we come from the same ancestors
 once and for all.