Water lilies

The Lord is my Shepherd . . .
What more could I want?
He takes me by the hand
to a quiet place of rest.
He stops by a river of living water,
letting me drink deep
from the faithfilled
He lifts me up, lest I dash my foot
against the stony path.
He raises me up high, so I can look
far down onto the heads of my foes.
They scurry before him in confusion,
like dry ashes in the wind.
He enfolds me in his arms,
My holy Pelican,
Embracing me, and I him, as he nourishes me
with his Body and blood.
He anoints me with the holy chrism of Mercy,
Healing the wounds of my forgotten sins.
Yes, let any darkness come!
I travel forever in the dazzling light
of his Love!
© Rosalie P. Krajci
May 31, 2016
Feast of the Visitation