MarshaIt is with deep sadness that we report the death of our dear friend, Marsha Eger. On February 20, she was riding in a golf cart with a friend whom she was visiting in The Villages in Florida, when the driver of an SUV had a medical emergency, lost consciousness and control of his car, and hit Marsha and her friend. Both died the following day.

Just a week before her death Marsha had given a workshop here on Heart Wisdom. Her passing is a huge loss.

Below are two poems from her collection, Voice of My Soul, Wisdom from the Stillness.

What is Life?

           It is the breath, the Force that animates.

           It is the holy, sacred expression of the Divine.

           It is precious Awareness.

          It culminates in Spirit’s manifestation

         of all that seems to be.

        It is a great, lovely illusion,

        magically cast upon a cosmic screen.

       When the breath is withdrawn

       what remains is what is always there,

       the great loving Awareness, I AM.


Oh Joy, Oh Bliss

      Oh the joy of it All, One.

      The joy of the breath of life

      filling the lungs

      and passing beneath the palate,

      exhaling as Love.

      Oh the bliss,

      the sweetness,

      the contentment of just being,

      arising from the Stillness,

      the place of all existence.

      From my joy place arises peace

      and oh such love that has no boundaries,

      no beginning, no end, no destination.

      An infinite supply of ever-expanding love,

      a pure state-of-being.

      Oh the joy of presence

      and engagement in the realization that

      what matters in the breath arising through the clearing,

      creating an opening of self to Love’s flow,

      to G-d.