On Saturday, May 9, Marsha Eger will guide us in reflecting on the joys and challenges that come with the accumulation of a large number of birthdays. Originally, the workshop had been scheduled for May 16. We hope you’ll be able to join us on the 9th. Marsha has asked that all participants bring a notebook.

Last Saturday, Marsha led a group of 10 guests and three Sisters in a day of chanting, meditation and poetry. The chants were from the Jewish, Native American, Buddhist and Hindu traditions, while some Gregorian chant made its appearance at noon prayer. It was a restful, restorative day for all.

Marsha has given us permission to post one of her poems below. It is published in a collection of her poems entitled Voice of My Soul, Wisdom from the Stillness, available from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and the Book Depository.com

More Thoughts on Chanting

All of nature chants.

All of nature is a chant.

We are one big chant.

As each bird sings it’s beautiful, unique melody;

as each cricket plays its violin limbs;

As each river rushes; each brook babbles;

each ocean wave roars and laps as it unites

with the particles of sand on the shore;

each is chanting a unique tonal quality

that combines as a joyous universal symphony of sound.

Each leaf of every plant that twitters in the wind is

dancing and singing a silent prayer of delight.

Each rock in its invisible motion is humming OM.

Every minute atom that oscillates in timelessness

is chanting the ecstatic chant of life.

The whole world, indeed the whole universe

is pulsating with chant.

This is All about One Big Chant.

The universe was created in sound and

is sustained in sound.

Source is one infinite vibration of love, light and bliss.

We must all begin to really listen,

to listen to everything around us.

Listen to our own hearts

beating with the rhythm and harmony of life.

In our purest unadulterated states, with effortless ease,

we are One with the Universe.

May we all chant with pure intention.

May we all chant for love, harmony, and peace.