snow heart

We must marvel at Divine affection for the human soul.

Affection deserves affection

and deep calls to matching deep

in the roar of tumbling waterfalls.

Great, O Lord, are the waterfalls of your affection –

pouring forth and instilling love.

Love is not mute;

it has a voice (Wisdom 1:7).

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

you know what kinship, if not what identity,

exists between charity and the Spirit.

Charity holds all together.

The Spirit speaks mysteries

and openly speaks the mysteries of love.

The Holy Spirit itself bears witness to our spirit.

The very experience of grace is the Spirit’s call to us.

Love does not merely chat, it charms,

and attracts us to the Holy Spirit.

Thus the Apostle writes, “The Holy Spirit who is love

is poured into our hearts.”

Love leads us onward to the Lamb,

leads us to completion in God.

Thus we are called

to bear the white robe washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Sharing the Pasch of the Lamb,

we bear great tribulation –

and thus become meek, gentle and like a lamb.

And in the fire of charity

we become incandescent but never consumed.

Reading for Matins from Sermon 29 Super Cantica, by Gilbert of Holland (12th C. Cistercian), excerpted and edited by Sr. Donald Corcoran, OSB.