Another poem by Edwina Gately:

The Creative Potential of

the Dead End

I have come up against

a wall-

a blank-

nowhere to go-

unsure, lost-


Creativity is released

in any death,

when we b elieve in life,

when we are people of hope.

For people of hope

there is never any real death

for death has been conquered by Christ

and life has been exchanged for it.

I have faced death often

in many different ways

and everything has seemed hopeless


At the moment of death I am called

to a faith response

that defies reason.

If only we had even a scrap

of resurretion faith,

there would be an abundance

of life and hope.

We turn away too often

in despair

in hopelessness

in tiredness

in anger

in self-pity

in defeat.

We turn away from the Dead-End

the tomb,

because we are blind.

We fail to see the light

waiting to be called forth

in resurrection.

Jesus saw his dead-end coming.

Everything he worked and preached for

was crumbling around him.

The whole thing was in shambles;

his followers scared and confused,

but he never turned back,

even when he got to the dead-end

-he walked right into it in faith,

and he destroyed death

and dead-ends.