Last Wednesday, a friend gave us a small collection of poems by Edwina Gately. We offer the following as a Good Friday meditation:

Disciple of Jesus

Disciple of Jesus, weary and silent,

aware, in the darkness of challenges failed

and longings unfulfilled,

remembering the passion that sent you forth,

young and bright and fired with hope.

Disciple of Jesus, weary and silent,

world unchanged, its darkness still deep,

dreams dispelled and visions blurred.

How is it now with you?

Trailing behind me the sparkle and fire

of early passion,

bruised and tender from love’s long thrust.

Now is the finest, greatest moment

and now the ultimate death.

For I, Disciple of Jesus,

to stand before my God,

weary, silent, and all alone,

claiming only ‘I was there.’

Edwina Gately